Eased Edge Pool Coping

Eased Edge Pool Coping

Eased Edge Pool Coping – If you have decided to install a swimming pool or want to buy a property with a swimming pool then chances are you need to think about the pool coping.  Renovating your existing swimming pool or installing a new swimming pool needs proper planning and space.  We Stone Universe Inc. refers as one of the leading and the best Pol coping suppliers in the United States. We are providing Bullnose pool coping and eased edge Pool Coping Services not only in the United States, in fact, all over the world. Renovating or Adding a swimming pool is not an easy task. We need to think about other things that can help to finish the pool both practically as well as aesthetically. One of the best components of the pool finishing is none other than pool coping.

Stone Universe Inc – Eased Edge Pool Coping Supplier

Pool Coping is a kind of cap for the edge of the pool. It is used around the edge of the in-ground as well as other swimming pools. If you are in the water and holding yourself on the side of your pool, or if you are dangling your feet in the water then chances are you are sitting on the pool coping. However, there are various types of pool coping available to suit all the needs as well as tastes of the clients like Bullnose Pool Coping, Eased Edge Pool Coping etc.

Difference Between Eased Edge or Bull Nose

Eased Edge Pool Coping carries straight edges to give a smooth finish to a construction project. The Edges of the pool coping are not too sharp and provide safety for the swimmers.

Bullnose Pool Coping – The Bullnose Pool Coping refers to a rounded edge finish instead of a sharp edge. This rounded shape has many benefits and offers you a smooth look as well as texture for your pool.

At Stone Universe Inc, we provide a wide range of pool surrounds, copings and materials. We can help you to make your outdoor look more attractive. You can contact us anytime to talk through the type of project you are looking to complete, and we can give you an estimate of your Pool coping project.